Google AdWords Advertisements - Advertise your business on Google

"Google AdWords" is one of the most popular types of advertising on Google search engine and one of the most effective means of online advertising. "Google AdWords" is a quick and easy way to create and publish your business ads on Google search and advertising network.

No matter what your budget, you can still display your ads, as you pay for the service only when people click your ads. This advertising system employs a pay-per-click payment method.

Advertising on Google is effective, because the link to your website is displayed only along with the keywords related to your business which you select for advertising on Google. When people searching Google enter at least one of your keywords, "Google AdWords" ads are displayed alongside the search results. In this way, ads are displayed only to the consumers who are already interested in your services or products.

We suggest you to try this method of advertising out, as every single Google advertising campaign can be customized to suite the highly individual needs of the client:

•    "Google AdWords" ads is displayed only for the users who have entered the chosen keywords into the search - you can also target ads to specific geographic regions (the country the browsing person should be located in) or languages (in which users browse Google), etc.;
•    You can start a "Google AdWords" advertising campaign right away, and your ads will appear immediately. The campaign may be both a one-time very short event (e. g. lasting for one hour) and permanent, lasting all year round;
•    With "Google AdWords", you're charged only if someone clicks your ad, i. e. for every new visitor, not for displaying your ad. It is you who choses, how much you want to pay per click (normally, the more you pay, the higher is your place in the results), and determines the daily budget of the campaign;
•    With "Google AdWords", you can opt to display ads on content websites in the emerging Google network.


Our "Google AdWords" Services

We offer you to plan and carry out an advertising campaign on Google for your online shop or website:

•    We will analyze your website, portal or online shop;
•    We will choose effective keywords;
•    We will create advertising texts optimized especially for "Google AdWords";
•    We will monitor the campaign's results; review keywords, in order to achieve the best advertising efficiency; remove inefficient keywords from the campaign;
•    We will give advice and guidance on budget planning for a "Google AdWords" campaign;
•    We will provide periodical reports for a "Google AdWords" advertising campaign.

For better results in Google search, we offer search engine optimization (SEO) services.
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