Web development

Web development can be described as the web page and web site development, web design, website design and redesign, web page production, web portal development, etc.

Our Team

Have you decided to update or create a website? Entrust such work to our team – we guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised. The quality of our services is ensured by the fact that each web project involves participation of the entire team of professionals: web designers, HTML developers, programmers and other professionals.

Our Experience

As a company, we had been working in the design area since 1991, and we are in the web development for eight years already (the first project was created back in 2003).

Our Websites Are

•    Modern, creative and aesthetically pleasing.
•    Functional, flexible and easily administrable.
•    Focusing on your business' objectives (e.g. to represent the company, promote sales, etc.).
•    Optimized for search engines.

Web development, web design, website design and redesign, web page production, web portal development, etc.

We Offer

•    To create a website with a content management system, from design to hosting, to promote the website and optimize it for search engines.
•    To improve, optimize, and adapt to the specific needs a website already up and running.

Web Project Development

Web development starts from coming up with and putting down the concept (i. e. documenting the project), designing, programming and, if needed, additional related work (recording videos, animation, hosting, etc.).

When creating your website, a lot of attention is paid to the development of corporate style, presentation of company logo, and web design. We install the FLY-JET content management systems, optimize your website for search engines.

For all projects implemented, see Our Works.

Web Development Services

•    Development of representational websites.
•    Development of informational websites.
•    Website development with Flash animation.
•    Website development using a content management system (CMS).
•    Website development and implementation of advertising ideas.
•    Implementation of nontraditional web projects.
•    Production of promotional microwebsites.
•    Adaptation of international websites for the Lithuanian market.
•    Website maintenance, updates, addition of new features.
•    Other web solutions.

Other Related Services

•    Web design, designer's services.
•    Designing of brand logos and corporate style.
•    XHTML coding.
•    Photography, photo sessions, animation, etc.
•    Website administration, editing and maintenance.
•    SEO optimization for search engines such as Google.
•    Promotional campaigns.
•    Advertising in Google's search system.
•    Other web solutions.