Content Management System FLY-JET

Content Management System - FLY-JET

For your convenience, we have created the FLY-JET Content Management System (CMS) embracing a modular approach enabling to offer the basic package along with various separate modules. Each customer may choose the modules that are appropriate to him, whereas we install them and adapt for the website or online shop being developed. In this way, the customer receives exactly what he wants and needs.

Basic FLY-JET CMS module

The content management system core (the basic FLY-JET module) includes features allowing to create menu items and manage textual content. The package also includes basic settings management features and tools allowing to optimize the site for search engines. An integrated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor ensures an easy and fast management of textual content.

FLY-JET CMS modules

In addition to the basic FLY-JET package, we also offer a number of optional modules; if needed, we can also develop new ones. Currently, the following are the most popular modules of the FLY-JET Content Management System: contact form, news modules, guest book, FAQ, gallery, forms module, ticker, e-commerce modules, banner module. If you did not find the module you were looking for in this page, contact us or visit the official website of the product at, where you can find a detailed presentation of the FLY-JET Content Management System.

News module

If textual menu items for the news is not enough for you – you publish at least three news articles per month and would like to have a more sophisticated news management interface – the news module is an apt choice. With it, you can manage every piece of news as a separate text. It is also possible to schedule a post, so you do not have to worry about publishing it on time, or moving it to the archive after it expires. Furthermore, your visitors are always aware of the news, as the news module has a built-in news subscription feature.

Guest Book

Should you like to find out what consumers think about your products, services, personnel or the company itself, and want it to be known to the visitors of the website as well, installing a guest book is a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) module allows to answer customers' questions and publish them on the website from the content management system interface. This module is useful when consumers often have questions or need your assistance.

Gallery Module

The Gallery module provides additional functionality for dealing with images: images can be grouped into categories, categories can have descriptions, images can have short descriptions beside them.


For more information on the product catalog, shopping cart, orders and payments, see E-Commerce.

Forms Module

It is a powerful module which allows you to create online forms of unlimited size through the content management system interface. They can be used for carrying out detailed surveys or generating career forms. The application possibilities of the module are limited by your imagination only.

Banner Module

The FLY-JET Content Management System has a very functional banner module which will help you to run your or your customers' advertising campaigns. For more information, see Banners.

Buildings Module

Construction companies often order 3D models of buildings or other objects being constructed to promote their sales. The buildings module has features allowing to create new buildings, floors and flats, upload plans and other valuable information. Then all the information is output into the XML format and used in objects.

Survey Module

If you would like to poll the opinion of website visitors concerning any relevant issues, we suggest you to make use of the survey module. Depending on the type of the survey, visitors may have an opportunity to pick one or more possible answers. One can also set a survey expiry date, after which the survey will no longer inactive.


We offer the ticker module which makes it easier for the customer to spot the hottest news. Flexible management, multi-line display and archive will help you to provide the user with the most relevant information in a convenient and quick way.

For more information on the FLY-JET Content Management System and available modules, see the official product page at