The creation of promotional costumes (costumes production)

Sewing of promotional clothing

The best promotion – visual promotion. Knowing that, we offer our customers extraordinary costumes - masks of high quality, manufactured according to the desire and features. Do you advertise yourself with flyers? Do you need a school, institution or holiday mascot? Do you know what it should be like? Or you do not even know what would represent you best? Contact us. A tailored costume-mask will not only provide light relief to present and future customers, visitors but also attract good luck into your institution!

For a theme celebration of a company, institution or annual school carnival we do offer beautiful, colorful carnival costumes. We will sew a carnival costume for grown ups, as well as for children, which will help you to personalize the character you act.

School carnivals are especially important to our small customers – children. Often parents do not have time or appropriate materials to manufacture a beautiful and colorful carnival costume. With the intention of relieving Your pre-Christmas period we will manufacture a costume from a kitty to a dragonie or many others. Our designers are able to manufacture a costume of any character. Let a child become a real actor with an extraordinary carnival costume.

Everybody wants something special and unique. In case you want to have YOUR OWN toy which corresponds personal or business expectations, or You simply do not find a desirable toy – contact us. Our designers will draw sketches according to Your wishes and we will sew the toy You like best. If desirable, we will embroider a logo or a name of Your company on the toy chosen. Let a toy become a mascot of Your business!

The designed samples of promotional costumes find here: PROMOTIONAL COSTUMES-MASKS


Embroidery Services

We offer embroidery as one of the means of promotion because visual promotion is most attractive for a customer. Logos, appliqués, flags, flashes, emblems embroidered by us with the help of machines and computers, have been done professionally and qualitatively, thus, attract attention of the customer with its quality and accuracy. We will embroider ANYTHING on the toys, working clothes, T-shirts, caps, leather and other various textures. There is nothing impossible in embroidery we can do with the help of our imagination.

We offer You to stress your individuality, embroidering symbols or logos important to you. Make yourself exclusive with the help of embroidery.