XHTML / CSS Slicing Services (PSD to XHTM/HTML Conversion)

We provide highest quality xHTML/CSS coding services. The client is able to provide website sketches in PSD, PNG, PG, etc. formats for converting them into xHTML/CSS, however, when one just wants to upgrade an existing HTML code or integrate new parts, a mere link to an existing HTML code is sufficient. In our work, we always adhere to the strict price and quality policy.

How Is xHTML/CSS Created

•    You make an order.
•    We calculate the price.
•    Once you make the payment, you can send us the file you need to convert.
•    We check every page/file to meet the quality standards.
•    The project is delivered to you.

When ordering from us, the order is fulfilled promptly, you will discuss all xHTML/CSS coding work directly with our developer.

xHTML Quality

•    Every xHTML/CSS project looks exactly like the original design, i. e. it fits to any screen resolution, is suitable for any web browser.

•    CSS style and images are optimized to ensure fast browsing.

We work with the following browsers:

•    Firefox
•    Chrome
•    IE6
•    IE7
•    IE8
•    Opera
•    Safari

Fixing Of xHTML Errors

If you consider modifying your original web design in order to optimize it, we can offer you our services. If you find xHTML errors (e. g. there are pixel-mismatch errors, etc.), contact us – we will help to correct them. We promise you the best option possible, however, in the case of major problems fixing alone may not suffice.

xHTML Pricing

Each website is unique, therefore it is not possible for the price to be the same for all projects. There are cases, when the title page of a design is easy to implement, whereas the second one requires a lot of effort. Depending on the complexity and needs, the prices are calculated separately for each project. It is not important how many pages you submit to us – we will review them all anyway and then calculate the price.

Refund Cases

•    The order was canceled before any coding of the project was actually done.
•    The project is unimplementable.
•    xHTML fails to match the original design.

Privacy Policy

•    All rights to the project, website, etc. are reserved to the client.
•    In case of any project-related issues, we contact the client directly.
•    All information concerning the project is strictly confidential.

Benefits Of Quality xHTML For Websites

•    Quality xHTML coding allows to render the website undistorted in any web browser.
•    Improves website loading speed in the web browser.
•    Improves website ranking, as search engines work with high quality xHTML code better.
•    High quality xHTML code makes it easier for developers to deal with the code, it is easier to install a content management system and make desired modifications.
•    Reduces the possibility of errors, xHTML code is easier to modify.
•    Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


xHTML coding solutions are implemented according to the needs of the customer. Should you need xHTML coding services, contact us - you can trust our experience in this area, high quality services are guaranteed.

Several Projects Using xHTML We Have Generated:

www.agrotaka.lt and others.